Hell Split Wide Open

my hair is annoying me soooooooo much i want to cut it short again 

Gurls I need a new liquid eye liner what’re your faves? I can never find one that’s black enough

update: we fed it some apple and bread and the baby possum ran away to eat his and when he was done he came back and climbed back onto his mumma but the wrong way around and his tail was over her face and she just had to walk away like that really slowly probably thinking “ffs not again”

ohhhh my god the golden possum that always visits our garden came back tonight with a lil baby possum clinging onto it’s back!!!!!!!!!!! but the lil baby isn’t golden it’s brown IT IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN 

Packing to move to Melbourne like

"i haven’t worn this for years but maybe i will in Melbourne"

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